POW! WOW! x Hawaiian Airlines.

POW! WOW! recently partnered with Hawaiian Airlines to paint some of their ground vehicles.  Artists Kamea Hadar and Jasper Wong, who co-direct Pow! Wow!, worked with a team of artists including owner/creative director of Fitted Hawaii Keola Rapozo, Jared Johnston, Christina Delima, Defer, and Jeff Gress to cover the vehicles. Keola’s famous ‘island camo’ pattern, a camouflage-inspired motif made up of the silhouettes of the Hawaiian Islands was painted over many of the vehicles. The pattern emphasizes how Hawaii is composed of many islands that collectively make up the great state, and how like the pattern Hawaiian Airlines brings all of the islands together.

Defer and Kamea Hadar collaborated on a portrait of Bailey Rapozo (Keola’s wife) on the side of a large hydraulic service truck. Kamea Hadar said that “she is an interpretation of the Pualani, the female figure that makes up the Hawaiian Airlines Logo. My Pualani looks up and to the left to not only interact with the plane and its passengers, but also to check out the original Pualani on the tail of the plane. Also, instead of wearing a flower on her ear like the original our Pualani sports a haku which Defer painted. The haku, or Hawaiian Headdress, gives the feeling that it’s a special occasion.” Defer also collaborated with Jeffery Gress on a deconstructed camo on the opposite side of the truck. Jeff also added his hand-painted lettering and on many of the vehicles.

See way more pictures and process shots PLUS a video below:


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Brooks Salzwedel, New Works.

A series of brand new works of art by Brooks Salzwedel (Previously on Supersonic) entitled “Natl. Parks" which are on view at George Billis Gallery in Los Angeles, California until November 1st.  Brooks creates his work with vellum and resin to create a three dimensional work of art of phantom like landscapes, some of which are based on real locations and other imaginary.  You can see more of the haunting but beautiful work below.


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Scott Albrecht, “The Distance Between Two Points.”

Artist Scott Albrecht will be presenting a new body of work in a solo show entitled “The Distance Between Two Points" starting on Friday, October 3rd at Art in the Age in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Albrecht incorporates wood working and typography to create three dimensional and sculpture like works as well as paintings which deal with perceptions and social connectivity.  See more of the new work below.


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Apeseven’s “Deifik.”

Opening this Thursday, October 2nd at Just Another Project Space in Sydney, Australia is Apeseven’s brand new solo show “Deifik.”  The show will present a body of work based around the themes of skeletal design and their organic beauty both supporting life and also supporting future life once they become part of the landscape themselves.


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Craftsy’s “Beginner’s Guide to Watercolor,” a FREE Downloadable eGuide.

Sponsoring Supersonic this week is Craftsy who are offering a downloadable eGuide, "The Beginner’s Guide to Watercolor" for FREE! 

Watercolor is quite difficult to get the hang of but is used everywhere, from the fashion world to the illustration world.  This free eGuide from Craftsy covers all the basics from types of watercolor paper all the way to the tones and intensity of colors.  It’s truly a great resource for any one interested in Watercolor.

To download the free eGuide (Valued at $5) simply click the link below and either register or sign in!

Craftsy’s Free eGuide, “Beginner’s Guide to Watercolor.”

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