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The Poster Art of Zoltron" at Peoples Art of Portland.

His true identity unrevealed, Zoltron is best known for his poster art, street art, and the co-creation of his two children. Zoltron currently curates the ongoing Primus Poster Series and continues to work with lots of bands, some of which include The Black Keys, Die Antwoord, Soundgarden, Devo, PJ Harvey,, Alice in Chains, The Residents, Faith No More, The Melvins and most importantly Neil Hamburger among others.  These will all be on display in Zoltron’s upcoming solo show “The Poster Art of Zoltron" which opens Saturday, October 18th at The Peoples Art of Portland Gallery in Portland, Oregon.  You can see more work from the show below:


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Zoltron, New Print.

Zoltron has a new print dropping later today at 11AM PST.  The limited edition of 100 will be available here when it drops.


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Carpe Diem" at Loakal.

On March 29th artists from around the world met up at Loakal in Oakland, California for a 24 hour painting spree.  The resulting works of art will be on display at Loakal starting April 4th through the 29th.  Some really great artists contributed to the show including the ones above: Brett Amory, Max Kauffman, Lauren YS and Zoltron.  Check out Loakal for all the details.

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Zoltron for the 3rd Annual Supersonic Invitational.

Sue Nami is the calm before the storm.
Mother Nature’s messenger. A Harbinger (of things to come.)
She’s always been here, but she’s rarely seen. She was there at Fukushima.
She held hands with Katrina and skipped along the Levees before they broke.
She might appear just before it happens. Or you might think you hear her. A giggle in the wind.
An empty playground whisper. But when you look again, she’s gone.

An edition of 75 will be available tonight, Thursday January 9th, at the 3rd Annual Supersonic Invitational at Spoke Art in San Francisco.  The first 50 attendees will receive a miniature signed and numbered Sue Nami for free.

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Zoltron at the 3rd Annual Supersonic Invitational.

Zoltron has created an entire suite of new prints for the 3rd Annual Supersonic Invitational but the first 50 arrivals at the show Thursday, January 9th will receive a signed and numbered print by the artist.  The fun starts at 6pm at Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco.

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