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Craftsy’s “Drawing the Draped Figure” Online Class, 50% Off!

Sponsoring Supersonic this week is Craftsy and they’re offering Supersonic readers 50% off their fantastic online class, "Drawing the Draped Figure!"

Craftsy is an incredible online resource for all creative types, from amateurs to professionals.  Their online classes are taught through HD videos and with many other resources that are included with each class and they never expire.  With "Drawing the Draped Figure" you’ll be able to learn about warming up, sketching folds, blocking in the figure, modeling the form plus many other aspects.  I truly wish I had had a resource like Craftsy when I was studying art.

To get the 50% off discount, (Which is only available for a WEEK) simply just click the following link and log in or register with Craftsy to get "Drawing the Draped Figure" half off!

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"Marilyn Myller" by Mikey Please.

Animator and director Mikey Please has created, with his short “Marilyn Myller,” a jaw-dropping stop animation film made from countless Styrofoam sculptures.  Watch the short film below in its entirety as well as a behind the scenes process video of Please’s and assistant Dan Ojari at work:


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World’s First Ever Embroidered Music Video Uses Over 45 Million Stitches.

In the video for British heavy metal band Throne’s song “Tharsis Sleeps,” the directors Nicos Levesey (also a member of Throne) and Tom Bunker went all out and created the first ever, frame by frame stitched video.  The animation and sewing took several months to do and many all-nighters using over three thousand embroidered “frames” and over 45 million stitches.  Check out the colorful, incredible video/work of art below:


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REDirect" with The Berrics and RED Present "Form" by Colin Kennedy.

I’ve spent all morning watching RED Camera’s and The Berrics’s collaboration video series “REDirect which celebrates skateboard film-making.  My favorite, which I’ve collected stills from above, is called “form" and it was directed by Colin Kennedy and I think he created something very beautiful and powerful.  I’ve mentioned in other skateboard video posts how skateboard films have really become a form of art and this video is a perfect example of that.  Watch it below:


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