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Sam Wolfe Connelly for the 3rd Annual Supersonic Invitational.

Sam Wolfe Connelly’s work, “It’s Only The House Settling,” for the 3rd Annual Supersonic Invitational group show which opens Thursday, January 9th at Spoke Art in San Francisco, California.

The show features artwork by over 40 international artists.  The entire list and information can be seen here.  You can also track the #SE3 Tag on Tumblr to get updates from artists in the show.


The Purple Book.

The Purple Book is a collection of contemporary artwork that explores facets such as eroticism, sensuality and the dream-state in current visual arts. By combining the sensual and symbolic works with fiction that also exhibits these ideas and as well as artist interviews, authors Angus Hyland and Angharad Lewis have created a fantastic compendium of Contemporary Art and Illustration.

Laurence King Publishing sent me a copy of The Purple Book after I came across it on one of the artist’s websites who is included within, Martine Johanna. The large book features 250 color reproductions by twenty-five contemporary illustrators and, thanks to the books size, makes the illustrations a treasure trove of inspiration for the curious eye. One is able to closely inspect the detailed art of artists such as Vania Zouravliov, Makiko Sugawa or Soey Milk. Soey Milk’s work being one of the main highlights of the book.

Along with the fantastic art The Purple Book features artist interviews where the topics of discussion ponder over the current attitudes of illustration, art making and what influences them. Vania Zouravliov’s interview is a wonderful inclusion as interviews with him are quite the rarity. The book also features brand new work by Vania and other artists specifically commissioned for inclusion. Among the other artists interviewed are Laura Laine, Jules Julien, Andrzej Klimowski and Martine Johanna.

The Purple Book’s inspiration comes from a late 19th century publication known as The Yellow Book which was directed by the illustrator/wild man Aubrey Beardsley for a short period of time. While yellow in the 1890s suggested daring attitudes it was chosen that purple now suggests the salacious and sensual motifs of contemporary times. The Yellow Book combined writing with erotic, dreamy illustration and in respectful tradition The Purple Book has done the same.

The volume is tied together with Angharad Lewis’s wonderful introduction that gives a short history of the symbolic, surrealist and sensual since The Yellow Book and how the modern eye is inspired to create now.

The Purple Book offers an incredible amount of inspiration and awe as I’m sure Hyland and Lewis set out to present. The book is one I’ll return to often, not only to gaze upon the art but also as reference thanks to the interviews and introduction. The Purple Book is available at Laurence King Publishing and on Amazon.

Check out a preview of the book below:

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Sam Wolfe Connelly Interview & Preview.

Artist Sam Wolfe Connelly has a solo show, “Nocturne,” opening this Friday, February 8th at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle, Washington.  Sam lives and works in New York City where he moved to recently after graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia.  He grew up in Virginia.  I sat down with him to ask a few questions which you can check out below as well as get an exclusive sneak peak of some of the pieces in the show:

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Supersonic Visits Sam Wolfe Connelly.

Supersonic Electronic recently visited the talented Sam Wolfe Connelly (Sam’s Tumblr) in his New York studio as he prepares for his solo show that opens at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle, Washington on February 8th, 2013.  Connelly has a knack for the bizarre and uses his brilliance to compose haunting glimpses into his dimension.  See many more photographs after the jump:

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Two new pieces by Sam Wolfe Connelly.

The top piece, Clockwork Orange - Moloko Vellocet, is part of Gallery 1988’s show “Crazy4Cult” which opens tomorrow, Thursday August 9th in New York, New York.  The second piece, Moonstruck, is for “Lush Life” which opens Friday at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle, Washington. 

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