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POW! WOW! x Flexfit School of Music.

In its second year running, Flexfit and the POW! WOW! School of Music put together a special education initiative for Hawaii’s youth. The curriculum focused on composition, vocals, percussion, guitar, ukulele, keyboard, bass, recording, performance and the music business. Guest teachers and speakers from local and national musicians, teachers and music industry professionals provided extra insight into the industry of the music professional. The students also had the opportunity to collaborate with each other and create original music. They performed live at POW! WOW! Hawaii’s closing night festivities to over 10,000 people.  The video is directed by 0484 Creative.


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POW! WOW! x Hawaiian Airlines.

POW! WOW! recently partnered with Hawaiian Airlines to paint some of their ground vehicles.  Artists Kamea Hadar and Jasper Wong, who co-direct Pow! Wow!, worked with a team of artists including owner/creative director of Fitted Hawaii Keola Rapozo, Jared Johnston, Christina Delima, Defer, and Jeff Gress to cover the vehicles. Keola’s famous ‘island camo’ pattern, a camouflage-inspired motif made up of the silhouettes of the Hawaiian Islands was painted over many of the vehicles. The pattern emphasizes how Hawaii is composed of many islands that collectively make up the great state, and how like the pattern Hawaiian Airlines brings all of the islands together.

Defer and Kamea Hadar collaborated on a portrait of Bailey Rapozo (Keola’s wife) on the side of a large hydraulic service truck. Kamea Hadar said that “she is an interpretation of the Pualani, the female figure that makes up the Hawaiian Airlines Logo. My Pualani looks up and to the left to not only interact with the plane and its passengers, but also to check out the original Pualani on the tail of the plane. Also, instead of wearing a flower on her ear like the original our Pualani sports a haku which Defer painted. The haku, or Hawaiian Headdress, gives the feeling that it’s a special occasion.” Defer also collaborated with Jeffery Gress on a deconstructed camo on the opposite side of the truck. Jeff also added his hand-painted lettering and on many of the vehicles.

See way more pictures and process shots PLUS a video below:


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POW! WOW! x 123Klan Capsule Collection.

Graffiti artist duo 123Klan recently teamed up with art powerhouse POW! WOW! to create the first ever POW! WOW! Artist Capsule.  Inspired by their time spent with POW! WOW! in Hawaii, the husband and wife duo Scien & Mrs. Klor of 123Klan, created a beautiful floral pattern combined with graffiti elements for an iPhone Case, T-Shirt and Hat.  All three are included in the capsule which you can get here!  


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Having spent four festivals covering Hawaii with fantastic street art and murals POW! WOW! returned to Asia (the first POW! WOW! was held in Hong Kong) for their inaugural Taiwan festival.  Artists from around the globe joined local Taiwanese artists to create murals around Taipei including popular locations like the Taipei Zoo, Tugnan University, Songshan Cultural Park, Ximen and many others.

Through bouts of relentless rain and the humid, exasperating heat artists such as James Jean, Aaron De La Cruz, Madsteez, Apex, INSA, Rone, Sheryo, Yok, Woes, Skewville and Brendan Monroe fought the elements alongside local art legends Reach, Mr. Ogay, Colasa Seazk, Saym Dabs, Bobo and more to put up all kinds of gorgeous, stunning murals.

During all this there were lectures by BOOOOOOOM!, Hypebeast and 1xRun plus parties with DJ Neil Armstrong and concerts (and lots of delicious looking food, too).

Check out a TON of awesome photos below taken by Brandon Shigeta and Vincent Ricafort:


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POW! WOW! And Polynesian Voyaging Society: “Hokule’a’s Worldwide Voyage.”

This Friday Polynesian Navigators with the Polynesian Voyaging Society will leave the coast of Hawaii on an epic, three year journey around the world using two canoes: the sacred canoe “Hokule’a" (Famed surfer Eddie Aikau was lost at sea trying to rescue the canoe when it capsized in the 1970s) and it’s sister canoe “Hikianalia.”  Both will be navigated without the help of any modern technology, using only the sun, wind, stars and waves to guide them.

To commemorate and celebrate the final leg of this three part project artist Kamea Hadar, artists from the POW! WOW! School of Art and 808 Urban painted a breathtaking mural of Papa Mau Piailug - a Micronesian navigator who was known for his legendary ability to use the same techniques the navigators will be using on this journey. 

Continue below to see more images (all photographs are by Mark Kushimi and Aaron Yoshino) of the mural and to also watch a short documentary directed by Vincent Ricafort, “The Talk of the Sea.”  The beautiful video explains the history of the project:


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