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Aakash Nihalani.

New geometric works by artist Aakash Nihalani (Previously on Supersonic) where the two-dimensional, brightly colored sculptures become three dimensional mind tricks that pass through some willing bystanders.  See more below!


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Ian Ruhter’s “Yosemite.”

I’ve been keeping up with Ian Ruhter on Supersonic since he first emailed me a few years ago with the video “Silver & Light" documenting his story of giving it all up to become a photographer and initially failing at that dream.  But instead of giving up Ian stepped beyond that failure and continued to pursue his goals.  The site of that first failure for Ian was at Yosemite and this is a short film that documents Ian’s first return to photograph it.

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Supersonic Visits: Lucien Shapiro.

(Photographs by Shaun Roberts)

San Francisco artist Lucien Shapiro (Featured on Supersonic) creates his work by using found material which evolves into artworks such as contemporary tribal masks (such as a recent mask made entirely out of marijuana) or ornate street weaponry.  The resulting body of work is an intelligent thesis on current sociology as well as adding to the age-old saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  Lucien’s sculptures are created piece by piece in his San Francisco studio which Supersonic photographer Shaun Roberts was able to recently visit:


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Sam Grant, “Double Vision.”

On display starting this Friday, March 7th at Loakal Art Gallery in Oakland, California is Sam Grant’sDouble Vision" which features new and old work by the Bay Area artist.  Continue reading to see an extended preview of Sam’s work for the show:


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Brett Amory x Derek Weisberg x Shaun Roberts’s “Conversatin’.”

Artists Brett Amory and Derek Weisberg teamed up with photographer Shaun Roberts to create a one of a kind sculpture and limited edition print known as “Conversatin’.”  Derek sculpted the anonymous figure from photographs of people in Washington Square NYC, Brett painted the sculpture and Shaun Roberts documented the entire process.  The resulting sculpture is available for purchase as well as limited edition prints of one of Roberts’s photos of the piece.

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