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Adam Vinson, Paintings.

The realistic portraits and still-lifes of Adam Vinson follow in the trompe l’oeil tradition, tricking our eyes into believing what we are looking at is real.  But with this Vinson also creates puzzles for the mind as some of the realistic imagery is created from dissections of reality, such as multiple Polaroids placed together to form a portrait.  See more of Vinson’s work below.


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Jeremy Lipking.

Jeremy Lipking’s classical style of figurative, slightly impressionistic paintings sooth the senses.  See more below!


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Supersonic Sponsor: Craftsy’s “How to Draw With Perspective" Free eGuide.

Sponsoring Supersonic Art this week is Craftsy and they’re offering an awesome free downloadable eGuide on "How to Draw With Perspective."

Perspective is one of the most difficult things to deal with while drawing as it’s endlessly frustrating and rules can be easily forgotten or confusing.  I’ve spent years looking at and buying books trying to figure it all out.  Luckily Craftsy has once again come to rescue with it’s brilliant FREE eGuide, “How to Draw With Perspective,” which covers all the basics from vanishing points all the way to drawing ellipses in perspective, with step by step instruction and visual aides.  Craftsy also offers many other interactive classes that never expire.

If you want, head on over to Craftsy and register to download your free Craftsy eGuide, “How to Draw With Perspective.”

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Soey Milk’s “Onsemiro.”

Check out Soey Milk’s print set, “Onsemiro,” which was available last week at SDCC.  The set contained 5 different prints from Milk, each measuring at 13” x 18” on Sommerset velvet paper and contained within a linen case.  I’m not sure if any are left but they were printed by Eidolon Fine Arts which is an incredible maker of exquisite art editions.


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Robert Bowen’s “Blasphemous Nature.”

Robert Bowen’s (Featured) creative mechanical, often otherworldly insects and various creatures will be on full display in his upcoming solo show, “Blasphemous Nature" which opens at Fifty 24PDX Gallery in Portland, Oregon on Thursday, August 7th.  I’ve had a few chances to see Bowen’s work in person and it’s always a great adventure to look at as not only are the paintings beautiful but they really fill your mind with what-if’s.


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