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The Supersonic Interview: Sail (Uselessarm).

It was January of this year, 11 months ago, that I first posted Sail’s (Pronounced “Sigh-eel”) artwork.  The piece, drawn with ink, was of a woman in a samurai’s helmet, her body festooned with arrows.  It was immaculately done.  I had linked to gallery Roq la Rue’s website for anyone seeking information on him as the piece was part of a group show and because Googling his name or variations of his name brought up no clear results.

A few days later I received an email from Sail thanking me and linking me to his website and joking that “no one knows who I am.”

This has all changed in the 11 months since that first interaction.  The Seattle based artist’s narrative driven, mythical Asian influenced work has been shared across the Internet, he’s released a book of his work and he’s fresh off his first solo show at Roq la Rue (“Dead Language" which was based on Japanese Okabe or shapeshifters) and is currently diving deep into new projects exploring the effects literature has on his active imagination.

Sail and I corresponded for over a month for this interview and touched on subjects from his early life in his father’s studio to his current happiness of being able to seek out whatever may come:

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The Supersonic Interview: Erik Jones.

The illusory serenade of the imagination playing before your eyes is the work of Erik Jones. The portraits are dazzling celebrations exhibited with elegant bouquets of color dressing the figures within. The body of work can be defined as something like a dream you don’t want to lose upon waking.

But Erik Jones tells me that I’m not dreaming. These are his creations and they exist here in front of you, plucked from his very own creative fathoms, placed on canvases and paper with skill and thoughtful revery. They exist as much as you or I exist and I must thank Erik for that.

Erik, who is a native Floridian but now lives in New York City, explains his portraits as conceptual fashion design and that the shapes that dress the subjects are, in fact, living to suit the individual’s every need while maintaining their own beauty for themselves. A futuristic view that one can recognize while looking through Jones’s work.

To learn more about Jones I asked about his process, thoughts, youth, and other miscellaneous trivia over a period of two months:

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2018 NOTES

10 Questions with Matthew Woodson.

Matthew Woodson’s work showcases a technical ability for drawing scarcely seen while also maintaining a consistent level of beauty to the work that propels it to the realms beyond normal creative output. I recently jumped at the chance to ask Matthew some questions about his work and life, what Matthew replied with displays the thoughts of an intriguing individual whose point of views are one of a kind, just like his art.  Check out the Q&A with Matthew below and check out more of his art:

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Sam Wolfe Connelly Interview & Preview.

Artist Sam Wolfe Connelly has a solo show, “Nocturne,” opening this Friday, February 8th at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle, Washington.  Sam lives and works in New York City where he moved to recently after graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia.  He grew up in Virginia.  I sat down with him to ask a few questions which you can check out below as well as get an exclusive sneak peak of some of the pieces in the show:

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Sticker Give Away! (And Interview With Me)

The rad dudes who make the best vinyl, silkscreen stickers around, Sticker Robot, took some time to ask me some questions about art and stickers.  AND THEY’RE GIVING STICKERS AWAY:

Through the blog, Zach aims to chronicle both digital and analog forms of contemporary art, painting, sculpture, illustration, photography and believe it or not, Stickers… So let’s get down to it and ask Mr. Supersonic Electronic some questions… Oh and make sure to leave a comment below! We will pick 3 random names and send them an envelope of awesome silkscreen stickers from our sticker archives!

So if you want some stickers check out the interview and leave a comment OR REBLOG this post for your chance to win.  Sticker Robot will choose the winners soon.

Check out the interview here and be sure and follow Sticker Robot’s Tumblr.  

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