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Supersonic - Off the Dashboard.

If you mainly keep up with Supersonic on your Tumblr Dashboard (which 99% of you do) you’ll have missed the redesign to Supersonic’s web appearance!  

With the redesign it’s easier to find Supersonic’s best posts and to navigate from post to post (back & next buttons!).  I’ve also completely redesigned the “About" page.  Take a trip off the dashboard and check it out!


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The Gravity Tablet: Sketch in 3D.

Designers at Gravity have created a prototype tablet that allows artists and designers to sketch in augmented space to create three dimensional sketches, designs and drawings that can be shared with co-workers or printed via a 3D Printer.

Invented by four Design Engineering students at the Royal College of Art in England, Gravity looks like something straight from science fiction with it’s gridded, transparent acrylic surface where one draws while wearing special holograph viewing glasses.  The users can sketch, rotate and zoom in on the drawing from any angle.  Other users can even add on to the drawing.

Check out a video about Gravity below and some more pictures of the fascinating, ground breaking invention:


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Supersonic is on Facebook and that makes Facebook a tiny bit better!

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Please be sure and like Supersonic on Facebook.

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Hannah Stouffer “Internal Energy.”

Hannah Stouffer has a solo show entitled “Internal Energy" coming up Friday, April 4th at Slow Culture Gallery in Los Angeles, California.  The show features a great deal of brand new work by the talented artist.

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