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Soey Milk’s “Onsemiro.”

Check out Soey Milk’s print set, “Onsemiro,” which was available last week at SDCC.  The set contained 5 different prints from Milk, each measuring at 13” x 18” on Sommerset velvet paper and contained within a linen case.  I’m not sure if any are left but they were printed by Eidolon Fine Arts which is an incredible maker of exquisite art editions.


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Supersonic Sponsor: Craftsy’s “Drawing the Human Face" Free eGuide.

Sponsoring Supersonic Art this week is Craftsy and they’re offering a free downloadable eGuide on Drawing the Human Face.”

I’ve often scoured the web looking for tutorials or tips for drawing and found the results chaotic or less than appealing.  However, with Craftsy not only are their classes fantastic but they’re also all in one spot.  With “Drawing the Human Face" you’ll learn tons of tips from dealing with symmetry to drawing realistic hair.

If you want, head on over to Craftsy and register to download your free eGuide to “Drawing the Human Face.” 

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Jakub Rebelka, More Work.

I recently featured Jakub Rebelka and now he’s posted even more work on his Tumblr that I couldn’t resist posting here.  Take a look at more below!


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Supersonic Sponsors: Craftsy Paid Class Giveaway!

Craftsy, who offers brilliant online classes for creatives, is giving their class “Mixed Media: Pen, Ink & Water" away for FREE to randomly selected readers of Supersonic - Just register on Craftsy for your chance to win!

I wrote yesterday about how valuable I felt Craftsy is as a learning tool thanks to their intelligent way of offering instruction and this class is no different.  One or more randomly selected winners will have the chance to take this class for free, a class which offers instruction on how to work with lines and values, how to use brushes and pens, how to compose images and so much more.

Craftsy will collect entries automatically by following the link below and randomly pick the winners one week from today.  Just click here for your chance to win the Mixed Media: Pen, Ink & Water class!

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