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Supersonic Electronic’s 2012 gift guide for artists.
Looking for a gift for that special artist in your life or perhaps you’re an artist and want to treat yourself?  Look no further!  Here’s Supersonic Electronic’s Artist Gift Guide 2012!  Featuring 70+ gift ideas for artists:


Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth - Andrew Loomis’s classic guide to figure drawing finally reprinted after years of proving incredibly difficult to locate.

Dynamic Figure Drawing - Hogarth’s must have figure drawing guide for any artist.

Dynamic Anatomy - The ultimate anatomy reference for Artists.

Steal Like An Artist - A sort of “How to be an Artist” guide that is straight to the point and honest.

Staedtler Lumograph Pencil Set - A set of 19 pencils by Staedler of varying degrees perfect for sketching and drawing.

Uni-Ball Hi-Uni Pencils - A set of 22 pencils (wow!) of varying degrees that will cover your drawing needs what ever the purpose.  

Alvin Draft Matic Mechanical Pencils - Your classic, fantastic mechanical pencil.

Craft Design Technology Mechanical Pencil - A higher class of mechanical pencil.

Rotring Rapid Pro - Regarded as one of the best mechanical pencils ever.  Unfortunately the Staedtler 925 95 was discontinued (because it was too good) and this Rotring took its place.  

Sensu Brush - For painting and illustrating on your iPad.

Blick Paint Brush (Set of 6) - Includes a life time guarantee on the brushes, meaning you might never have to buy another brush, ever.

Wacom Intuos 5 Tablet - A must have for digital artists, the Intuos 5 is top of the line and awesome.  

Moleskine Sketchbooks - Really great sketchbooks with fantastic paper.  Great for most any media.  But if they don’t suit your fancy or price range there are always alternates.

Copic Comic Master Light Box - A light box is a must have for any illustrator and Copic’s Comic Master is the best one I know of.  

Bessey Utility Knife - A good utility knife with a good, non-slip handle is a must in any studio.

Girl Apocalypse by Angie Wang - Girl Apocalypse by Angie Wang is a short graphic novel that revolves around a group of hungry and oddly fashionable girls wandering a post-apocalyptic world.

James Jean “Rebus” - A collection of the very popular artist James Jean’s art from his early life until now.  

Mondo Poster Book Volume 2 - Available only on Black Friday, November 23rd as a limited quantity release is Mondo’s 2nd volume of Posters.  Follow Mondo’s Twitter Feed to be notified of the release.

Olly Moss: “Silhouettes” - Featuring the best of  Olly’s incredible first show, Paper Cuts, at Gallery 1988.  

Scott C.’s Great Showdowns - From his ever popular series comes a best of collection of the Great Showdowns.

Tiffany Bozic, Drawn by Instinct - A collection of the artist’s fascinating animalia inspired artwork.  

Gustav Klimt The Complete Paintings - A collection of all of Klimt’s paintings.  Incredible.

Banksy, You Are an Acceptable Level of Threat - Banksy’s latest book, including artwork and essays.  

Basquiat - A volume dedicated to the life and work of Jean-Michel Basquiat.  

17 x 23 Showcase - A collection of artwork from the amazing press, Nobrow, this volume surveys the future of British Comics from the genre’s rising stars.  

Riika Sormunen Big Mother #3 - This volume of Big Mother from Nobrow focuses on the wonderful fashion inspired work of Riika Sormunen.

100 Contemporary Artists - A beautiful 2 volume set profiling 100 of the best contemporary artists.

Type.  A Visual History of Typefaces & Graphic Styles from 1628 - 1900.

John Everett Millais - Featuring 200 color plates of Millais’s best pieces.  

The Story of Art by E.H. Gombrich - One of the best, if not the best, complete histories of art.

J.W. Waterhouse - A brand new survey of the artist’s life featuring 200 full color, very nicely reproduced images.  

Phaidon Colour Library Complete Set - A complete set of Phaidon’s Colour Library series, 40 books, 40 different artists.  It’s a bit pricey but it’s completely worth it.  One of my personally most sought after possessions.  Sigh.

Art Magazine Subscriptions:
Juxtapoz - Covering young contemporary art.
Hi Fructose - Pop Surrealism.
Very Nearly Almost - Street Art.
King Brown Magazine - A phenomenal Australian art magazine.
Frieze - Contemporary Art & Culture

Jeremy Enecio’s Adventure Time Print.

Barnaby Ward - Prints by Barnaby Ward.

Fat Birds by Mike Mitchell.

Prints and Artwork by Charmaine Olivia.

Prints by Jason Levesque.

"Everything Loved" by Dan McCarthy.

Prints by Photorealist Glennray Tutor.

Prints by Joao Ruas.

Various awesome things by Michael C. Hsiung.

"Forest Graves" Print by Sam Wolfe Connelly.

"Sheryl," Original Artwork by Steve Kim.

Lots and lots of prints by the prolific Alex Pardee.

Prints and Original Artwork from Tatiana Suarez.

"The Most Dangerous Game" Art Print by Casey Weldon.

Limited edition prints by Tom Bagshaw.

"Where I Rest," Open Edition Print by Audrey Kawasaki.

Prints and Original Artwork by Ken Garduno.

Prints and Original Paintings by Brett Amory.  (Click on Available Work)

Original Artwork by Cam Floyd.

Prints by Conrad Roset.

Prints by Dan Christofferson.

Limited edition prints by Jon Todd.

Prints by Nimit Malavia.

Original Artwork by Soey Milk.

Brand new, Limited Edition Prints from Sylvia Ji.

Prints by McBess.

"Hollow Thoughts" Art Print by Charlie Immer.

Sticker Robot’s incredible November Sticker Deal for Custom Sticker Printing -  For every order of 1000 stickers you get 500 free stickers and there is no limit!  So you could theoretically order 10,000 stickers and get 5,000 free stickers.  A super amazing deal from the best outdoor vinyl sticker makers, ever.  

Best Made Company Waxed Canvas Zip Case - A wonderful waxed canvas zip case that fits Moleskine sketchbooks.

AIAIAI DJ Headphones - An incredible pair of headphones by the Danish Company, AIAIAI.

Royal Tenebaums T-Shirt - Spoke Art’s exclusive Royal Tenenbaums T-Shirt designed by Luke Lombardo.

Cerberus Tote - A really cool Cerberus Tote Bag drawn by Michael Meiers.

Tarantino XX - A complete collection of Tarantino’s 8 films with artwork by Ken Taylor.

Skully T-Shirts by Mike Mitchell.  (Plus other amazing shirt designs.)

Pillows by Gemma Correll.  

The Supersonic Electronic Skull Sticker - Be the coolest kid in town with this sticker.


Supersonic Electronic’s 2012 gift guide for artists.

Looking for a gift for that special artist in your life or perhaps you’re an artist and want to treat yourself?  Look no further!  Here’s Supersonic Electronic’s Artist Gift Guide 2012!  Featuring 70+ gift ideas for artists:


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