Mitch McGee at the Affordable Art Fair.

Three dimensional pop artist Mitch Mcgee (Featured) sculpts his work from wood then hand paints the work to resemble iconic pop work from the 1960s.  He’ll have a brand new piece (full color piece above) and print (black, white and red piece above) as well as a demonstration of how he works at the Affordable Art Fair in New York City, New York on September 25th through September 29th.


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Rebecca Mason Adams, Recent Paintings.

Some recent black and white paintings by Rebecca Mason Adams (Previously on Supersonic):


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Amazon Listed 22” x 30”, 300gsm Fabriano Paper Packs of 50 for $5.68 & Artists Went Crazy.

Packs consisting of 50 sheets of Fabriano cold press paper usually run for nearly 500 dollars but, yesterday, Amazon - for some reason unknown to me - was selling them for $5.68 (The original listing has been deleted, but thankfully I took screenshots!).  Someone out there noticed this in the Internet art community and from there it exploded as artists across the United States rushed to buy what hopefully would be enough paper to last the rest of their careers for only six dollars.  (One artist friend mentioned to me that he bought $120 worth of the six dollar paper or 1000 sheets.)

Today the price has been fixed and the original listing removed but the paper is currently the #1 bestseller in Arts, Crafts and Sewing.  It’s yet to be determined if my order along with the thousands of other artist’s orders will be shipped as the orders are being fulfilled not by Amazon but Blick Art Materials.

UPDATE: Blick Art Materials has canceled all orders as of 3:00PM Central Standard Time, September 18th 2014.

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Cahill Wessel, Illustrations.

More work from Cahill Wessel (Previously on Supersonic) that embodies a sense of chaos as well as beauty.  See more below!


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